Gustavo Romano

Baloon Piece
The action consists in setting a wireless video camera held by baloons inflated with helium, and record the video received from the moment of the release to the signal contact lost.

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5m 45s (Baloon Piece #3)
Action, video.
Motolinea and Madero, Mexico DF
10/16/ 2007 17:30 Hs.

Transitio transitio transitio

4m 45s (Baloon Piece #2)
Action, video.
Churubusco and Tlalpan, Mexico DF
10/12/ 2007 20:30 Hs.

Transitio transitio transitio

1m 58s (Baloon Piece #1)
Action, video.
Avenida San Juan and Defensa, Buenos Aires
04/29/2004 18:00 Hs.

Transitio transitio transitio



The actions in Mexico were produced with the support of the festival TRANSITIO MX 02
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