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Time Notes

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Tour exhibition across Latinoamerica and Spain. 2015.
For the show Valija diplomática (Diplomatic pouch)

The Time Transfers Suitcase is a cabin luggage full of banknotes of time and a small screen showing videos of the artist who incessantly counts one second bills, walks the streets dropping them, or throws them again and again to the sea, whenever the waves return them to the shore.
This work emphasizes perhaps the biggest difference you can find between money and time: the latter is not cumulative and non transferable. It will require a social mecanism for time (labor) is converted (fossilized) into discrete units of capital, becoming currency. Then it will flow around the globe, ignoring borders, walls or concertina wires. Even for those borders in which certain people are prevented from passing, their time will trespass converted in money.

Touring installation. Suitcase, bills, video.

Time Notes Time Notes

Some banknotes used during the actions
(Edition # 2, English set, Madrid 2010)