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Time Notes

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(Lost Time Refund Office)
Rúa Príncipe, Vigo, Spain, October 2007
For the exhibition Taking Time

The office for the return of the lost time stands as a place for the reception and classification of the time transferred involuntarily, under pressure or for arbitrary reasons, (being employed at not wished job, serving in the army, waiting for the right man or woman, etc).
In the mobile office, a representative of Time Notes House will take receipt of the description of how the deponent has lost his time, and the officer will restore it with a time note of the corresponding value, in whose reverse, the cause of the loss will be printed in the office on that moment, and a copy will be part of the Lost Time Data Base.

Action. Installation. Video. 13' 34'' (fragment)

Time Notes
20 years lost thinking on how to use with the others 20.
20 years
Time Notes
Watching on TV movies that choose my sister.

240 minutes
Time Notes
Five years thinking on death.
5 years
Time Notes
Taking very long baths
120 minutes
Time Notes
Messed with alcohol
15 years