Gustavo Romano
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Intervention of the electronic displays on trains of the metro of Buenos Aires, (line D).
Production and distribution of a magazine that was named "Hecho en Berlin" (Made in Berlin).
October 15th,16th and 17th, 2004

The project, within the context of the Berlin-Buenos Aires Dialogues festival, proposes an overlap between the Berlin subway and the one of Buenos Aires. To this end, on the one hand, the LED electronic displays within the trainswere intervened. In them, where usually the next stops are announced, the itinerary of Bs As line D was replaced by one of the lines of the Berlin metro. The display space was also used to include various quotations in relation to this displacement situation, and viral communication.

On the other hand, copies of a magazine made for this event called "Made in Berlin" with information about underground activities or alternative organizations of that city, were distributed. In the headline of each one of its pages were reproduced the same quotations that was showing the display of the trains.


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