Gustavo Romano
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Action. Webpages, e-mails. Installation.


The piece is a compilation of the emails received upon placing the personal pages of a fictitious man and woman on the Internet. The facial features of this couple were a digital composite lifted from various fragments of identification photos. Each page had its own email address, and a series of messages where posted to Usenet forums dedicated to personal ads. The posts contained the web page URL as well as its text. 
The project began in September 1996, upon the opening of the exhibit En Tránsito/ Señales presentes, (In Transit / Present Signals) which took place in the Fundación Banco Patricios, in Buenos Aires. The piece culminated in January 1997 for the opening of the same exhibit in the Museo del Chopo, in México. Approximately one hundred emails received were on exhibit in the Museo del Chopo, as well as published on the Internet site, Fin del Mundo.

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